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Maybe switch for MegaBro ... Mega Mewtwo works less well in high disruption levels ....
Currently level 198 ... F*** it becomes almost impossible itemless
I'm on level 233, the levels seem much easier at this point. With all your stories of not encountering the right 'mon, I have a (probably irrational) fear that my use of hearts on Keldeo will cost me Camerupt/Gigalith.

Given up on Mobile, just a cash grab.
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I kind of gave up on the events on mobile because my internet sucks lately so I'll probably just get up to lvl 100 or mayyybe lvl 150 for keldeo there, also need to grab some coins back after a certain recent failure =.=
I think Camerupt and Gigalith must be a joke. Haven't seen them once. But I have faith I'll see Camerupt at least once because everyone else says they have.

I also predict we'll get a Mega Camerupt competition next.
It's really really rare (took me around 50+ hearts to see it) but it has a high catch rate so you won't have to worry much when you encounter it.
It took me 3.1 days of hearts dedicated solely to Safari to find everything. In that time, Gigalith only appeared twice (captured the first time) and Camerupt only appeared once, at the start of the fourth day. I was so grateful to be done with that safari. The last time it ever took me more than a day or two to find everything was Safari #1, and that was because Carvanha refused to stay in the ball (Didn't encounter Sharpedo until day 3 or 4, though). Please, GS, no more Safaris. There's only 7 Mega candidates and 27 Legendaries (feasible Formes included) left not currently in-game; please find better ways to introduce them.
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Phione was a one thing I guess :) (and it's statuts of being Legendaries ... :))

I 'm level 199 for Keldeo (I was farming some gold this weekend). I tried one time level 200 itemless = IMPOSSIBRO. Gonna do a full item run (C-1 seems so mandatory)
Maybe catching Muk wasn't such a good idea after all. Damn thing sucked up all my coins! Typical!
Now I have to earn enough coins in time to make a full item attempt for the Swampertite!
Should I use Mega Gengar or Mega Ampharos on the Mega Swampert competition? Ampharos does more damage and helps removing the barriers (although it is quite random), Gengar seems better for keeping a combo going.
Should I use Mega Gengar or Mega Ampharos on the Mega Swampert competition? Ampharos does more damage and helps removing the barriers (although it is quite random), Gengar seems better for keeping a combo going.
Use Gengar. It is effectively a second Complexity and the skyfall is so generous you should have plenty of time to break barriers manually. Ampharos is too random. I got 45k with Ampharos, but 61k with Gengar. If you must use one of the Electric Megas, most have chosen Manectric over Ampharos.

Also, for those wondering, it seems the cutoff is somewhere between 45 and 50k. My score was dropping rapidly at 45k (was nearly at 2000 in the first two days), but people above 50k seem to be sitting comfortably around 1000 even now.

For further reference, my 61k score has me sitting at 227 as of today, so don't let the Dittoless scores above 100k discourage you (and yes, you can't see them right now because of the ditto scores, but one of the top legit players managed 144k with a Double Normal team).
My 3DS is dead :( I've bought a new 3DS but I can't copy the data from the first 3DS because they change it from a SD card to a micro SD card ! Damn Nintendo :( I've sent an email ... It seems I will miss the Swampertite (and I hope I can get all the cash / items / pokemon I've stored between Shuffle / Rumble / Picross :()

Maybe someone know how to do it ... ?
I'm currently 162nd in Europe, with 61686. Used Mega Gengar (Lv. MAX), Chesnaught (Lv. 9), Shaymin (Lv. 9), and Virizion (Lv. 7). The two highest non-Ditto scores (only ones I can see) are 127483 (MMY+Regigigas+Arceus+Snorlax) and 121177 (Mega Gengar/Arceus/Regigigas/Snorlax). Earlier today, there was a Mega Ampharos+Double Normal team in the top 5, but there's been a new Ditto score since then.

Antihaxxer You wouldn't be able to transfer it over even without the SD slot change - they've done something (can't remember what) to prevent that. You'd need the client number to contact support and maybe get the data back (unfortunately, it's in the game's settings menu, which you can't access without the game and 3DS working).
Oh but I take a picture of my client number in Pokemon Shuffle, so there is still hope :) I expect an answer from my first email to Nintendo ...
Heads up: There's a major maintenance period starting 5 pm ET today and running for 11 hours. If you're saving the Swampert run for the last minute, it'll be here sooner than you think.


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That's interesting to know. Good thing I managed to make a full item run and got to 165th place on time. I still have my hopes up that Mega Swampert's ability was just a placeholder but even if it's a Blaziken clone it might be better than Blastosie for stages that don't have that many disruptions, sad that there's no ability that boosts water type moves in the game at all.


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Arceus Repeat, Dusknoir Repeat, and a new stage for Infernape are the new stages this week.

I will throw in data once I catch Infernape/get a Pastebin.

Also I got Swampertite so I guess it will be a good opportunity to test it out on Infernape hahaha.

EDIT: Infernape is a Base 70 Fire-type with Hitting Streak. Not too bad though it's basically Blaziken without the ability to mega evolve.
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Infernape stage is fairly easy. Disruptions include spawning 2-3 Infernape, Blocks, Rocks, or Clouds (because those matter in a Turn stage). Managed him itemless thanks to Tyranitar's Eject and Mega Garchomp, 15% Base + 3% per move.

Looks like another Coin week for me, stock pile for whatever's next week.
Placed 22nd in NA in the Mega Swampert competition with a score of 80k obtained on day one thanks to great luck with Mega Ampharos + auto (kept my combo all the way, ending with 132).

When I attempted Infernape, it didn't put Infernape icons on the board, but it did create Barriers (which made Palkia situationally useful). The stage was indeed easy pickings; the only item I had to use was a Great Ball.

Since I'm pretty much at the cap, I have a moment of respite until the next major update.

(I'm hoping Pachirisu will come back some day, because that is the only Pokémon released so far that I don't have.)


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I lost all my save .... So I start everything again :( and god, I didn't remember that Mega Mawile was so hard last year !!! :D
aww that sux man, but at least you're still in time to get a free mewtwo right? And yeah mawile's a tohugh cookie without lucario or items >.<
Yes, I manage to get the free Mewtwo at least ... :( But I had 345 hours on my old account, every pokemon caught, every event, every mega stone (except Mega Swampert) and so many LVL MAX pokemon, always 80K gold and more ... But it's a fresh new start ... Currently trying to catch Charizard for Mega Mawile ... I feel like a noob without my gold :D


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Zekrom has turned up (Base 80 Electric-type w/ Block Smash+).
The Sharpedo safari has returned so expect a Mega Sharpedo repeat.
New Main Stages involving Aron, Swinub, Piloswine, Porygon, Porygon2, and Mega Rayquaza.
New Expert stages involving Porygon-Z and Mamoswine (latter being 270 Stages of barrier hell).

Data to come soon.
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If you can try matching Zekrom's Disruption icons of itself. His Block Smash + can break the sides and clear the board up.

Seems to be 1% + 2% per move catch rate

Working through main stages now. Will edit info as I see them.

Aron: Disrupts with 2-3 Iron Blocks or Rocks every turn or 2. Simple to S-Rank with a Blaziken Pyre team if you use a Disruption Delay, maybe Moves +5 for a safety cushion.

Flabebe: Board starts with a lot of Frozen icons of itself and 2 Florges. Just try to build Mega Gauge for a bit until its first disruption, which for me turned one row into itself and cleared most of the frozens. S-Ranked naturally with Mawile + Jirachi Optimize.

Makuhita: Starts with a bunch of frozen icons of itself, disruptions spawn itself and there's a few that drop in from the top. Barrier Bash should remove it, and I recommend Slowbro as the Mega for his own and his ability to better remove them.

Hariyama: Starts with a whole bunch of barriers running perpendicular to each other, and disrupts by forming a column and possibly turning the top row to Ice. Things like Gengar or Mewtwo, ones that removes Icons in non fixed patterns are good choices
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Okay we have a mammoth update here so here goes...

Aron: Base 50 Steel-type w/ Rock Break
Flabébé: Base 50 Fairy-type w/ Quirky
Makuhita: Base 30 Fighting-type w/ Barrier Bash
Hariyama: Base 60 Fighting-type w/ Stabilise+
Munna: Base 40 Psychic-type w/ Block Smash
Vullaby: Base 50 Dark-type w/ Barrier Bash
Musharna: Base 60 Psychic-type w/ Mind Zap
Lairon: Base 60 Steel-type w/ Mega Boost
Gligar: Base 60 Ground-type w/ Cloud Clear
Aggron: Base 70 Steel-type w/ Eject
Tympole: Base 40 Water-type w/ Astonish
Nosepass: Base 50 Rock-type w/ Block Smash
Floette: Base 50 Fairy-type w/ Cloud Clear
Mandibuzz: Base 70 Dark-type w/ Hitting Streak
Spinarak: Base 30 Bug-type w/ Rock Break
Rattata: Base 30 Normal-type w/ Prank
Ariados: Base 50 Bug-type w/ Power of 5
Porygon: Base 50 Normal-type w/ Barrier Bash+
Stunky: Base 50 Poison-type w/ Rock Break
Florges: Base 70 Fairy-type w/ Swap+
Raticate: base 60 Normal-type w/ Counterattack
Chinchou: Base 50 Electric-type w/ Astonish
Palpitoad: Base 50 Water-type w/ Damage Streak
Probopass: Base 70 Rock-type w/ Stabilise+
Igglybuff: Base 30 Fairy-type w/ Sleep Charm
Snover: Base 50 Ice-type w/ Block Smash
Lanturn: Base 60 Electric-type w/ Cloud Clear+
Alomomola: Base 60 Water-type w/ Swap
Abomasnow: Base 60 Ice-type w/ Heavy Hitter
Rayquaza: Yeah we already know what this does
Swinub: Base 30 Ice-type w/ Rock Break
Seismitoad: Base 70 Water-type w/ Last-Ditch Effort
Jigglypuff: Base 40 Fairy-type w/ Barrier Bash
Doduo: Base 50 Flying-type w/ Block Smash
Piloswine: Base 60 Ice-type w/ Stabilise
Dodrio: Base 60 Flying-type w/ Risk Taker
Porygon2: Base 70 Normal-type w/ Crowd Power
Skuntank: Base 60 Poison-type w/ Last-Ditch Effort
Wigglytuff: Base 60 Fairy-type w/ Stabilise+
Mega Rayquaza: See next spoiler
Mega Rayquaza, Dragon, Base 70, Dex #162
Ability: Erases a Pokémon of a different type from [var]megaName (max 10).
Mega-Bar: 33 icons, 20 speedups available

MMY/MBanette Clone that removes Pokémon that isn't a Dragon-type. Also lol that Mega Speed.
Mamoswine: Base 70 Ice-type w/ Barrier Bash+
Gliscor: Base 70 Ground-type w/ Rock Break+
Porygon-Z: Base 70 Normal-type w/ Shock Attack
Zekrom Great Challenge
Zekrom: Base 80 Electric-type w/ Block Smash+


And that Safari we already had twice before
Kyurem Escalation Battle (Timed)
Kyurem: Base 80 Ice-type w/ Power of 5+

Prize Table
Prize for first beating level 30: 1 Time +10
Prize for first beating level 40: 1 Attack Power ↑
Prize for first beating level 50: 1 Mega Speedup
Prize for first beating level 60: 1 Exp. Points x1.5
Prize for first beating level 70: 1 Time +10
Prize for first beating level 80: 1 Disruption Delay
Prize for first beating level 90: 1 Mega Start
Prize for first beating level 100: 1 Mega Speedup
Prize for first beating level 125: 2000 Coins
Prize for first beating level 150: 1 Mega Speedup
Prize for first beating level 175: 2000 Coins
Prize for first beating level 200: 1 Mega Speedup
Prize for first beating level 250: 1 Mega Speedup
Prize for first beating level 300: 2 Mega Speedup


And a repeat for the Mega Sharpedo competition... Which is good for me since I did not get it last time around

And that is it for this mammoth update. Enough to keep people entertained for some time.

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